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How does the club set its fees?

The club receives guidelines from our governing body, Sunshine Coast Football, advising all clubs on how to set their fees. The primary recommendation from SCF was that fees should cover the general costs of running the club rather than relying upon a combination of fees and fundraising efforts. After the committee reviewed this advice and made comparisons with other clubs it was deemed necessary to adjust our fees in order to keep the club finacially viable into the future and to fall in line with most other clubs within the zone. In doing this we have still been able to keep our fees one of the lowest on the Sunshine Coast.

How are the fees used?

A significant proportion of the fees is paid directly to SCF & FQ to cover insurances and administration.

What is the Maleny Rangers Football Academy?

The Academy has been established for the 2020 season with the key aim to raise the football standard of all teams and the general football culture of the club.   This is a major new direction for the club.  In 2021 all junior and youth players will have access to the academy sessions delivered once a week throughout the season as part of their club membership fee.

Who can access the Academy?

While other clubs have established academies for elite players, the Maleny Rangers Football Academy will be accessible to all players, of all abilities, as part of their membership.

The club encourage all players from Under 6 to Under 11s and their team coaches to see the Academy as their main training day. From Under 10 upwards their will be a second training session on another day with your regular team coach. It will be left to Under 8 and 9 parents and coaches to decide if they would like to have a second training day.

Can the club provide financial support for participation?

Maleny Rangers Football Club is a community based, not-for-profit organisation providing a pathway for girls and boys of all ages and abilities through to senior teams for women and men.  We are fully inclusive, therefore if you are having and concerns with paying fees please contact our President or one of our committee members to confidentially discuss the options we have available.

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